“Ken DeMeuse and his colleagues have cracked the code on talent. With exceptional research and broad experience, they have created incredible and relevant insights on upgrading talent. Their TALENTx7 tool helps companies transform talent aspirations into actions.” 

- Dave Ulrich,

Rensis Likert Professor of Business, University of Michigan (#1 HR Professor in the World)

TALENTx7® Learning Agility

Over the last decade the concept of Learning Agility continues to grow as one of the most validated predictors of Leadership Potential since the concept was first identified at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in 1988. Over half of the top 70 Talent Officers use Learning Agility in their talent reviews according to two recent research articles.

Learning Agility is the ability and willingness to learn quickly and then apply those lessons to perform well in new and challenging leadership situations. Since Learning Agility can be learned, it is a great tool for coaching and leadership development. 

Agility grows over a career: It covers 7 dimensions of agility and we will cover these at a high level during our discussion. This predictive leadership concept was only discovered a little over two decades ago but is already used in about half of the Fortune 500 with their high potential leaders to accelerate their growth. Scores can change over time so this is just a measure of where you are at this point in your career. Research has documented the importance of these factors since in the dynamic business world of today, a leader's success seems largely dependent upon his or her ability and willingness to learn, grow, and respond flexibly. The concept of learning agility scientifically captures this characteristic.
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