Envisia 360 and NeuroView Assessments

Envisia Emotional Intelligence View360 Profile
Emotional IntelligenceView360 is a comprehensive tool for rigorous, in-depth reporting of strengths and developmental needs on critical social, interpersonal and communication competencies. It is ideal for use in executive coaching, senior management/executive development programs, supervisory and management training, and developmental programs for employees at every level of the organization.

Studies suggest that:

  • Highly conscientious employees who lack social and emotional intelligence perform more poorly than those high in both conscientiousness and emotional intelligence.
  • On average, strengths in purely cognitive capacities are approximately 27% more frequent in high performers than in the average performers, whereas strengths in social and emotional competencies are 53% more frequent.
  • The highest performing managers and leaders have significantly more “emotional competence” than other managers.
  • Poor social and emotional intelligence are strong predictors of executive and management “derailment” and failure in a person’s career.

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Envisia NeuroView

NeuroView is a leadership assessment that leverages neuroscience to show leaders what to do more, less or differently to create a high-trust culture within their team, which we've scientifically shown improves their effectiveness and their team's performance.

The role of leadership in building a culture of trust is fundamental and scientifically proven. NeuroView offers many benefits to leaders looking to become more effective, enhance team performance and build high-trust cultures.

Through 13 years of field and lab research, Envisia developers identified trust as the differentiating factor between high-performance and low-performance cultures. Then they identified a key hormone called Oxytocin that promotes trust. NeuroView tells leaders how to promote Oxytocin release more regularly, leading to a more trusting culture and higher performance.