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Innovative and Valid Leadership and Other Assessments


We have several new valid and unique on-line assessments and simulations that help you grow.  A telephone feedback session is required to interpret the results and provide you with customized ideas of how to grow as a leader or professional. Dr. Marilyn Buckner, or one of the coaches listed on website would provide the feedback. All of the coaches have over a decade of experience as an executive in a Fortune 500 company and have coached executives from Fortune 500 companies for many years.


HOGAN LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENTS are used in over half of the Fortune 500. These reports describe your day-to-day leadership and derailer traits. A second report includes the only derailer measure that can tell you ahead of time if you have derailment factors and what to do about them.


DECISION STYLES AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE REPORT - A test that is so valid it can be used for selection; however, we use for coaching you to success. It predicts if you have the leadership style that the top 20% of successful leaders in the world have. Receive coaching on how to change your score for even higher performance.


BALANCED PREDICTIVE LEADERSHIP 360 - The only patented 360 in the world that has also been used in predictive studies to identify who will be more effective in their leadership positions in the future. The report also predicts team engagement and productivity. Other 360 surveys are available for Executives, Managers, Individuals and Emotional Intelligence.

MANAGER/ LEADER ON-LINE SIMULATION - This innovative simulation can be used for predicting success as a leader and provides development ideas for competencies that need developing. This product just won an award from HR Executive Magazine as one of the top 10 innovative products.

OTHER ASSESSMENTS -Conflict Survey, Consultative Sales Assessment, MBTI, Firo-B, Assessment Center Exercises.

For information on costs, getting your Assessment ID and scheduling a Feedback Session, contact:
Marilyn Buckner, Ph.D., Atlanta, GA
678-585-9422 office
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