"Thank you again for your partnership this week on the High Potential Self Leadership program. The Hogan is a key element in raising the self-awareness of the participants, and your insight was helpful in further expanding their understanding of the assessment and how they can take action in their professional development."

- Director of Learning at a global automotive company


Talent Development and Coaching Programs: Succession Planning, Leadership Development, Assessment centers, and Coaching for Abbott/Solvay Pharmaceuticals  Over a period of five years, we have designed talent development processes for the organization. One of the accelerated leadership development programs was an assessment center for leaders that included additional validated assessments (Hogan, Decision Styles, on-line assessment tools). A unique focus was training senior leaders to be mentors in the program and serve as assessors with outside assessors/coaches to build their own skills but also to be integrated and accountable for the development of the organization. Custom materials were developed to help with the coaching and mentoring program. An influence class related to the Decision Styles was delivered to further build skills. Continued coaching using an EQ 360 was provided. The Project Manager and one of the coaches and designer was Dr. Marilyn Buckner.
Strategic Executive and Team Coaching with Global Consumer Products company. Created innovative coaching program to increase team collaboration in the strategic planning process. Global coaches worked with CEOs and Presidents and their teams to virtually to speed up company performance and build collaboration and influence skills quickly. Decision Styles, a power assessment was one of the unique tools that was used to gain results quickly.  

High potential coaching with Sciele Pharma (bought by Shionogipharma). A group of high potentials were provided with leadership training followed by in-depth coaching using the High Potential Assessments and a 360. A unique focus was to involve the manager in the development plans to insure accountability and ownership. The Project Manager and one of the coaches was Dr. Marilyn Buckner.

High potential and Action Learning Program with the State of Georgia involved assessment centers, Action learning, and a year long coaching program to return an investment of over 200% with 3 programs.

Other Dr. Marilyn Buckner Consulting, Inc. Cases - Examples of Large-scale Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Projects

Leadership Challenge Program and Coaching for UCF Global Leadership Series (ORBIT): Dr. Marilyn Buckner Consulting, Inc. provided the University of Central Florida with a team of experienced facilitators and business leader coaches to provide leadership training and coaching for Boeing, Disney, Lockheed, Harris, Darden and other Fortune 500 companies. For Siemens - Dr. Buckner was selected as the only outside vendor for the coaching of its high potentials for the Power and Generation development center, and provided coaching for selected high potentials.

High potential series of in-depth assessment/coaching for Nationwide Insurance: As a part of a larger leadership training initiative, Dr. Marilyn Buckner Consulting, Inc. and its team of experienced executive coaches served as the sole provider of facilitated in-depth feedback on a leadership assessment tool to over 75 senior managers (Directors and VPs) in all departments and divisions of Nationwide in multiple years. Due to the need to implement this program quickly and jump-start the development process, the first sessions were all held within three weeks. Business goals were integrated into the development plan rather than rely on training as the only development solution. A unique service offered by Dr. Marilyn Buckner Consulting, Inc. is to provide workbooks and worksheets on leadership competencies that are linked to the person's skill development needs. Also, all coaches were trained on the company's leadership model and competencies and linked developed plans to these new competencies. Cutting edge valid leadership assessments were used to target coaching and development plans. This program has received outstanding evaluations and has been continued for multiple years.

High potential assessment and development planning for Cingular Wireless/AT&T: As the sole provider of executive coaching for 200 high potential Directors and VP's, Dr. Marilyn Buckner Consulting, Inc. and its team of coaches has provided targeted coaching for over 200 executives at Cingular Wireless across the nation in all functions. The expanded coaching model included career coaching based on the results of a leadership assessment and interview, along with integrated development plans that build on business objectives. This program was implemented during a merger environment and provided additional support for the retention and motivation of the talent.

Leadership assessment and development program for The Coca-Cola Company: Created a customized leadership program for Account Management and Sales group resulting in Star Performer Models for all career levels using leading edge assessment and virtual global coaching. Developed a career development program for executives customized to their skill competencies and provided coaching with a team of corporate coaches. This included a job analysis to identify future skills needed to support new business goals. Cutting edge assessments were utilized.

Sales Manager Coaching with Simulations for New Product Rollout for DexMedia-RH Donnelly: Coaching was provided as a part of a unique business initiative to grow the sales of new digital products (rather than the sale of transactional print products), Dr. Marilyn Buckner Consulting, Inc. was engaged as the sole provider to design a Sales Manager coaching program for 150 sales executives and their regional sales leaders. Only experienced sales executives (former VPs of Sales) coaches were used in this program to maximize results. Unique coaching simulations were developed to build coaching skills directly related to the new business. As a result of this initiative, the business grew exponentially and was acquired by a similar company because of its success. The program received high percent satisfaction of the participants in the program.
Leadership Assessment Centers for The Home Depot Company, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, and Lucent: Customized assessment exercises and simulations for leadership programs. Served as an assessor for Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Oliver Garden) General Manager position.

Other Executive Coaching Projects:
  • Delta Airlines - Dr. Marilyn Buckner Consulting, Inc. was selected as the sole provider of coaching for its high potentials.
  • Aramark - Agility Consulting, a partner of Dr. Marilyn Buckner Consulting, Inc. has provided customized leadership coaching programs in multiple divisions.
  • INPO - Coaching and development planning based on leadership assessments to executives in the nuclear industry.